Posted by: Jen | March 19, 2011

Eolande’s Hair – Dawn

Yep!  I made hair 🙂  I’m so excited to show you all that I can barely sit still!!
Ok so the deal is all the hair I have and will be making has/will have accessories built in (or you can buy the plain hairstyle too if you prefer.)  Buying the accessorized hair you get the with & without accessory versions both.  Matching jewelry will be also available (of course!)

All styles come in 20 colors – and six packs available.  Blondes, Brunettes, Reds, Grayscale, All Colors & Eolande’s Favorites.  (Eolande’s favorites has my personal favorites from the color varieties.)  There is a pack of demos of ALL THE COLORS available for you to try, so you can find your favorite.
Everything (including the jewelry) has low-lag resizers in them.  I don’t recommend resizing them smaller, it will mess up the alignment of the prims that are already at their minimum.  However, I did make these styles a little on the small side so you shouldn’t need to shrink them further.  Making them larger is a piece of cake!  Complete instructions included in each pack.  All the demos have resizers in them as well so you know for sure if it’ll work.


This hair is only available as plain, but has a flowered circlet that is perfectly fitted to it available.  I’ll be making *lots* more goodies to go with this one – it’s my favorite of the three I’m putting out today!

I’ve included a survey in all the packs, that I’d really appreciate if you filled out.  I’ll be drawing three random surveys (of those who put in their names, you can remain anonymous if you want).  The three lucky winners will get L$500 gift cards!
I really hope you guys like the hair.  I do!  Have a great weekend!<3 Eolande

Posted by: Jen | February 17, 2011

Totally unrelated to anything, but funny….

beer, eggs, beer, cat, beer, cream cheese, beer, muffins, beer….

disclaimer: this is NOT my fridge, i stole this image off the net.

Posted by: Jen | February 5, 2011

Eolande’s Nouveau Earrings – L$60!

Cute eclectic art nouveau style earrings for you this weekend, and being introduced at just L$60 for you ladies!

While you’re here picking up the bargain cuteness, make a new pick in your profile for me please?  The ones you have there now won’t get you (or anyone else!) here.  🙂
I have a HUUUUUUGE surprise for you guys coming soon.  HUGE.  I’m so excited I’m just giddy!  I’m not saying anything else though.  You just have to wait.  😀

Hope you have a great weekend!  Back to work for me….. *wink*<3 Eolande

Posted by: Jen | January 28, 2011

Eolande’s Viva le Bohime Earrings Sets

So what’s going on here is I’ve given you three pairs of earrings: a short dangle, a long dangle, and a long dangle with a butterfly in it.  The idea is that you wear a different earring on the right as you do on the left.  So try putting on the butterfly earring on one side, and the short dangle on the other.  Isn’t that cute?!  Have fun trying different combinations in this quirky ecclectic mix & match set.  Of course you could always wear the same earring on both sides if you want a more classic look.

And for your convenience, on the marketplace!
In other news – you may notice by the new landmark that yes, I HAVE MOVED AGAIN.  I love Adelebsen Isle and the people who run it, but I misunderstood the rating requirements of the appearance of avatars there.  A “G” rating is required, and most of you guys are at least PG.  Of course I want all of my customers to shop without worrying about their body coverage.  Of course you need to have the important bits covered still 🙂
So, I’ve moved to a new commercial sim, Kanya.  There are still some open spots here if you are interested, I can hook you up.  I’m really impressed with the estate managers, they’re really a class act.
My new neighbor at my new location is from the teen grid!  Her name is Lucia Kelberwitz, and her store is named Lucia Styles. She’s a darling, and has some really cute stuff.  I’m putting in a few pictures of my favorites.  I hope you check her out!

❤ Eolande

Posted by: Jen | January 9, 2011

Eolande’s 4th Anniversary gift & new location!

New location!!!!  Use the link above to check it out 😉

To say thanks is a complete understatement of my gratitude I feel towards all of you.  Not only thanks for all your notes and IM’s and support and love that poured out last month, but for the loyalty and support so many of you have shown me for four years now!
The very least I can do is offer this gift.  I hope you like it!  You’ll find it in the center of my NEW STORE (yes you read that correctly – I’m all set up in my location!) on the table in the seating area.  Check out the store while you’re there – the elevators are still not working but that’ll be fixed soon.


Posted by: Jen | December 17, 2010

Eolande’s Petite Snowflake Bracelet – L$60!

Posted by: Jen | December 13, 2010

Eolande’s HUGE Clearance Sale!!!

There are also discounts on regularly priced items & fat packs – don’t miss out!!

Posted by: Jen | November 5, 2010

Eolande’s Phoenix Jewelry LE set – L$60!

I have a HUGE deal for you guys this weekend!!!  I just put out a new collection of jewelry at the Jewelry Fair last month, and I’m offering you a new stone variation of it this weekend for just L$60!!  The other Phoenix jewelry sets are L$350 each!  You’re going to want to pick up extra sets for gifts – you can pick either copiable or transferable when you buy this set.

I’ve got earrings that match the locket I put out last weekend, and they’re only L$60!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Posted by: Jen | October 29, 2010

Featuring Halloween 365!

I’d like to specially point out my friend Docsisle Magellan’s Halloween 365 store – it’s not halloween without a stop to Crescent Bay and walk through her haunted house and graveyard.  You’ll find lots of fun and creepy halloween decorations and amazing costumes at really low prices.

For example – check this out!  Morticia Addams, for only L$150?!


Here’s what she’s got out this weekend for her L$60 special:




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