About Eolande Elvehjem

I started playing Second Life in June 2006.  I wasn’t totally into it at first and was totally overwhelmed and was confused with everything about it!  I remember one time clicking the “build” button and ended up rezzing a box.  It had all those funny arrows all around it and I remember thinking “ok, I have no idea what I just did or what to do with this” and picked it up, and then deleted it from my inventory.  I kinda gave up for a while, went back to VMK (virtual magic kingdom – i’m such a Disney freak!) 

 Then towards the end of 2006 I decided to give it another go.  I knew the possibilities in SL were endless – even with my limited ability to get around and do anything I could still see the potential.  I bought newbie land in a sim called Desire, and built my first house.  It took me HOURS!  I had to figure out how to line things up on my own – I didn’t know there were classes!  I was doing it by sight at first even until someone told me about snapping things to grid, and using the numbers in the edit menu.  OMG! 

By January 2007 I was getting a lot more comfortable with building things.  I had moved from the newbie land to some bay property in Nueltin where I built my home and a bunch of condos for my friends who had started coming from VMK to SL.  My boyfriend and I came up with Club 33, a place for all of us to hang out together.  The top level of my home I decided to turn into a shop of some sort.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to make but I knew I wanted to try selling something I made from prims.  While going about shopping and picking out hair and clothes and jewelry, I was looking everywhere for hair accessories.  I couldn’t find anything!  I really love sticking all kinds of junk in my hair in real life, and I wanted to do that in my second life as well.  *IDEA*  From small business experience in real life, I knew one of the best things you can do in business to get quick success is find a need and fill it.  And so, Accessories by Eolande was born, and my mission to get all the fashionable chicks in SL to put junk in their hair was launched. 


The store grew quickly, and before I knew it I was out of prim space in Nueltin.  The lag was terrible there as it’s a mainland sim, and the land was selling at around $30L/meter.  Insane!  My friends and I decided a move to the islands was in order.  We bought land on South Pacific IV in April 2007, and several of my friends bought adjoining lots.  Together we owned half the island, and unfortunately the “gangsta shit mall” owned the other half.  Naievely we thought we’d be protected by the island’s covenant which prohibited weapons and griefing activities.  Detailing the mess that went on there would take up a lot of space but if you read my blog archives for June you’ll get the full story.  Get comfy and make popcorn.  At any rate, justice would not prevail and gangsta money talked, and the owner kicked me out of the estate without warning or refund, and returned my entire store to my iventory. 


Extremely discouraged I thought seriously about quitting.  I had a few mall shops but nothing big enough to hold my entire product line.  Then a good friend Raskella Canadeo offered to let me set up my entire shop – expanding my store space to four times larger – and stay however long I needed it in her beautiful shopping plaza Blooberry Square. 

Finally, after a mad rush to raise funds, I bought my first island on July 24th 2007 and my friends and I named it Ohana Isle.  Almost all my friends have land on it, and of course Club 33 re-opened and got prime real estate.  Since we’d had over a month to plan it we put all our big plans into action quickly.  I had my new main store open within a week, and within a couple weeks the Ohana Isle Marketplace was ready for occupancy. 


Since moving to Ohana Isle we’ve grown tremendously in every way.  Our Ohana has expanded, our businesses have grown and our creativity is boundless.  The future holds many exciting things for our little gang, including island expansion and more and more fun things to do and see.  Thank you for being a part of my dream come true.




  1. i LOVE your “junk” for in my hair 🙂 I love doing it in RL, and now finally i found some good place in SL to get my junk fix 😛 Keep up the good work, i love your things!

  2. 🙂

  3. I love Eolande’s work!!! LUV LUV LUV

  4. A great collection. I wonder if we can cooperate by promoting sales for your collection in our uniquely-designed mall (Reina Lali’s Jet-Set Gallery).

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