Posted by: Jen | June 13, 2011

Eolande’s Free Gift – Cowry Shell necklace w/M.O.P. pendant

Hey everyone!  Thank you so much for your support!  The emails and IM’s of well wishes have been such a lift to my spirits.  You’ve brought me to tears, and in a good way!!

FREE STUFF:  I am sorting through things and found a couple necklaces I hadn’t released yet.  They are with Cowry shells, one is a choker and the other is a necklace.  I never got around to making matching earrings, maybe I’ll whip some up this week.  I took this quick picture to show you one of them, the other you’ll just have to see when you pick it up for free!

PEARLS:  I overlooked a couple of pearls sets that I never made space for in my new main store when I moved.  The Princess Pearls set and the Graduated Pearls sets are now out, and the fat packs are just L$200 each!!  My pearls sets have always gotten really great reviews, so if you’ve never looked at them before, you need to now!  They are in the second floor in the small room cat-corner to the room you land in.  if that makes sense.  Let me know if you’re lost…. happens to me all the time….

STORE CARDS AND REWARDS POINTS:  Yes you can absolutely still use them – please do!  I have just been giving out store credit for the rewards points as I ran out of steam long ago trying to make exclusive things.  In the largest room, front corner with all the other buisnessy stuff is the kiosk to top off your HUD’s, as well as get those rewards points redeemed for store credit.  Sorry, new rewards points won’t be given out anymore… since the whole operation is shutting down it didn’t make sense to perpetuate the program!

If you didn’t get my previous message and this whole thing about me closing is news to you, please read my previous post on my blog.

Thanks again for all your support and love  – it’s meant the world to me and my family!

much love, Eolande


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